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Price List It is our pleasure that you can visit the www.artfreeshipping.com homepage! Before this homepage is constructed, the oil paintings produced by www.artfreeshipping.com are sold to big oil painting suppliers in China, in turn; they export them to other countries. This homepage has provided a window through which www.artfreeshipping.com managers can cooperate directly with the oil painting suppliers in different countries, cutting off the cost for intermediate sellers. This is the reason why we can offer you good prices for products of decent qualities. Procedure of placing an order: First, you can send your manuscript to us by email. Alternatively you can find the pictures that you are interested in our website and send the codes of pictures, dimension, quantity, quality grade, and special requirements to us by email. We will estimate the total charges for merchandises and shipping based on your orders, shipping address, and other information. Contact www.artfreeshipping.com to obtain the price lists for all the products.
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